CHOKEBACKYOURTEARS. (3_oclock) wrote,

Hey! this is Kiki now. I just had to put my word in, since kati left her livejournal signed in on my computer. I just have to say that I love Kati! If you really must know, she loves me more than all of you, because, well, because I'm Kiki obviously. I'm sure you've heard her talk about me endlessly. She painted really pretty pictures on my wall while she was down here. And rubbed her boobs against me. Changed her tampons with me, and kept me from being bored. It was a little annoying though, the way Cody and her lust after me all the time. I don't know if I can handle being in the same room as them anymore. The tension is mind boggling.
"it's throbbing down there" hahaha. Kati, it's ok, I have that effect on most people. Oh and thank you for the drawings. I'm so glad you came, I love you to death. You're so cute. Can't wait till you get your license. I'm really disappointed we didn't have any alcohol. It's ok though, next time you better bring the booze. Anyway, thanks for bringing your bloody vagina to my can do that anytime you want.

ps-thanks for your minimal eating ways too, I've lost 7 pounds, you're a miracle worker.

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